Monday, April 25, 2005

Still Raining Cats and Dogs.........

Roll Call
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Well, just dogs. This was Passover weekend and I spent it with the in-laws AND our dogs. We have Lakota the 2 yr old German Shephard, Zeke the large 43 pd 4 month Doberman Pincher, Vito the 3 yr old Italian Greyhound, and the non-stop 1.5 yr old Rat Terrier Eddie Vedder.

Eddie is the agressive fun player of the group. He just wants to play play play. Lakota is the enforcer or sherif. When things get out of hand she runs in moaning like a giant black bear. Vito is the fastest dog in the world. He is also the humper of the group. Zeke is the cute akward puppy of the group who will soon dominate all of them. He is already 43 pds at 4 months. His dad was 110 pds & mom 85 pds.

Eddie really taught Zeke how to play and by the end of the weekend Zeke was clubing Eddie to the ground with his giant Dobe Puppy Paws. It was a fun weekend. It is amazing how entertaining these dogs were for me. I almost forgot I was at my Mother-in-law's home. I said "Almost!"

There is so much to blog. The Contender, the Gefilte Fish, my new roof going up this week but, I am tired.

I am out. Later.

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