Monday, April 04, 2005

It's Championship Time Baby!!!!!

Well, the Fighting Illini are good and I am bad. Real bad at Texas Hold'em. The Final Four / Texas Hold'em party this past Saturday is all the evidence I need to reach these conclusions.

First, Illinios looked fabulous limiting Louisville to only 57 points. Then they did what they do on offense, which is shoot threes and go on runs, in the second half to seal up a chance at the National Championship. Roger Powell went off in the second half! Did you see that rebound dunk. That one where he shot a three and followed it all the way to the hoop for a rebound put back dunk of the game! It was awesome. BigTenWonk has the post game stories and highlights all package together for you very nicely.

Now, on to the Texas Hold'em issue. I suck. I get caught up in the emotion of betting and end up just betting to be in the mix. Betting just for betting aint a good way to play Hold'em. I was the first person out of the first game and the second person out of the second game. We were not playing for big bucks, only $25 per game with the winner getting $300 but I missed all the fun by going out so early. I need to start playing online or something so I can compete with these damn neighbors.

Alright, it is like 75 degrees here in Chicago and I need to be outside enjoyingit. Maybe a bike ride? Maybe a trip to the dog park? Just need to be outside. No workout today as I need the time to clean up and prepare for My NCAA Championship Game Hi Def Party. Later.

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