Sunday, May 01, 2005

The Best Hour of TV...................

I just finished watching this weeks episode of The Contender, The Next Great Human Drama, and damn it was the best hour of TV I have seen in years. Let me think back, yeah, I use to really dig ER and there was that one episode from season six. The one where Carter and Lucy were brutally attacked and stabbed by a misdiagnoised patient. Carter laid on the ground in a pool of his own blood staring at Lucy who was doing the same. When discovered the ER sprung into action. Carter barely made it and Suzy did not. Dr Ramano, the always mean son-of-a-bitch head of the ER, passionately worked on Suzy up to the end. Her chest was cracked and her heart was in his hands as he tried but failed to save her. It was a fabulous episode and season of TV drama. That was like 5 years ago.

Where was I? Oh yeah The Contender. This is the best Drama on TV right now. The editing with the music and slow motions is just brilliant. This weeks episode was a beautiful piece of edited Reality TV. They must have spent hours editing this episode just to get it right. The fight was freaking awesome. The slow motion, the music, the sound effects, the parents and family yelling at the fighters, the reactions of the watching fighters, and the brutality of boxing were amazing. Manfredo beat the crap out of Joey in the first two rounds. Joey said he broke a rib after round two. What did he do? He came out and won rounds three and four. We only see one minute or so of editing action but, damn Joey sure showed heart and toughness. So did Manfredo by coming back strong in round five. That accidental head butt looked painful and did you see that gash!!! They don't stop fights for little cuts. That thing was huge. I thought they really made a point to slow down and draw our attention in on that head butt so America could see it was an accident. I think when the fight was stopped Peter Manfredo Jr was the winner.

Did you catch the preview? It looked like Jesse was going down?? Plus, the comments make you think the same. However, that is how they get us to watch. Make us think the impossible takes place. A one legged Anthony knocks out the stronger, healthier Jesse? He is the only one to score a knockout? I can not wait for next Sunday!

No ride today. Too damn cold here in Chicagoland. It is suppose to warm up mid week (70s)! I am out. Later.

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