Tuesday, May 24, 2005

The Contender

I already knew this but I bet millions of Americans had no idea that Live boxing would be half as exciting as Mark Burnett's edited boxing. The taped and edited episodes of The Contender were just amazing and beautiful work. The final episode.....not so beautiful.

Not the fights. I mean boxing is what it is and I enjoyed the fights. However, Sly and Sugar aint so sweet on their feet. No wonder there were so many voice overs during the regular season episodes. They had people talking with no mics on. They had bad in ring camera angles. They had crappy in screen corner shots. This final episode did not look like a polished Mark Burnett production.

Besides that I was pumped to see Alfonso fight and win. I do like Jesse and felt for him as he showed obvious disappointment with the loss. It was a good fight where Alfonso stayed with his strengths, body punches, and avoided Jesse's big blows.

I originally did not buy into Sergio and this smart thing. For me he did not seem any smarter then the other fighters. He spoke well and read some books with fancy names that everyone claims to have read. I really didn't like his Latin Snake Cocky In Ring Attitude. However, tonight he got me. He is a smart dude. He knew Manfredo was going to try and bully him so he clearly prepared for it. In fact his was the better bully. He was the guy throwing punches against the ropes. Manfredo did not seem ready for Sergio's speed. He clearly trained to be the bully which he tried, but he never got off any good shots. He pushed and leaned, but didn't throw enough punches. He was out trained and out boxed.

Rematch? I don't need no stinking rematch. Let it go Sly. Damn do you need a job that bad. I want to see Sergio fight Alfonso or Ishe or some other guy I don't know who is a Champion with a real title. I will pay for it so lets get it done. Did you catch that at the end that there were three other fights?? So do we ever get to see them? When the fuck is the unedited DVD coming out?

Bo Bice is your next American Idol and I am out. Later.

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