Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Got Bird?

So all these great things to blog about and I got bird issues. A Mommy bird has set up camp and built a nest outside my front door. She has wedged a nest between the house and light. First time I noticed was tonight. What did I do? Yeah, I un-wedged it to get rid of it and bam I found eggs, two big ones. I immediately put it back in place and ran inside to the trusty net for advice.

First let me say the bird some how mudded that nest to the house and light. It was in there good. I wedged it back into place as best as possible, but it is no longer glued in. Now, the Mom has come back and I hope she resecures the nest. My quick google search leads me to believe that it is against Federal law to disturb a birds nest and eggs without a Federal permit. That is wrong on so many levels. I mean all the things wrong with America and I can not disturb a birds nest who first has disturbed me? WTF? Anyway, now that I know she is an expecting Mommy I do not want to "disturb" it.

OK some quick hits for every thing else all important to me:

Finally the Dominate and Deserving Survivor actually wins the damn game. Ian you are an idiot for giving that fatty $100K. You earned a spot in that final two and that was the dumbest Survivor move ever made. In fact, you had both the best (dumping Greg) and the worst moves of all time.

I told you not to let Peter Manfredo Jr back in the competition. Told you so!! That was a great fight that he dominated, but hats off to Gomez who has the heart of a champion. He was my favorite.

Bo is the next American Idol.

Crank Brothers Candy SL pedals were the first "mod" to my mountain bike. Yeah, nothing like an inexperienced rider blazing down some singletrack at 15mph completely attached to his bike with no idea how to "unclip."

Speaking of bike I was back on it Sunday. The Ride Stats Please: Waterfall Glen 10 mile track, 46 minutes, 12.6 avg mph, 22.5 max mph. Fastest time, Fastest max, and Fastest Avg all with the new pedals.

I got a Treo. The Plam One Treo 650. I don't know how to use it yet, but you just want. Soon I will be on top of the mobile blogging world. Maybe even sooner then you think.

Going to by my Star Wars III tickets for Friday night tomorrow. My Mom took me to see the first and is traveling up to the big city to take me to see the last. Cool moms.

I am out. Later.

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