Thursday, May 05, 2005

Is This The End?

End of the Trail?
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Urban Myth is that this trail goes on if you dare cross the river. Really, some say there is more singletrack madness on the other side. I think I will be waiting for the Summer Drought before I attempt to cross.

It was another Spring Day! Our second day of Spring here in Chicagoland. I managed another ride out at Knock Knolls. Same route as yesterday, but I tried to focus on my skills. Staying relaxed and loose and keeping those damn feet on the pedals when jumping logs and other roll overs.

So the stats are: 7.24 miles in 49 minutes with an avg speed of 8.7 mph and max of 16.1 mph. Great sunny weather and a great spring ride.

Time for some Survivor. I am out. Later.

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