Monday, May 09, 2005

To Blog or Not To Blog?

With the arrival of spring here in Chicago I began wondering if this blog would continue through the summer? I have a lot going on this summer none of which involves spending hours on a computer. Well, the five hours I spent on the computer today don't count.

What's the freakin point? I dig blogging and this blogging train is gonna keep going strong. Blogger has this cool new On the Go with Blogger Mobile that allows one with a cameraphone to blog at any time and place. It creates a new blog with the picture you email me. You can put a title and subject matter with the picture that will appear in the post with the pic. Two blogs you say, that is too much too remember. WAIT, you can merge the blogs so the emailed pictures and text magically appear on your existing passion.

Sounds cool, uh, but not for me. They currently do not support Nextel's MMS or text messaging system. (Must get Treo.) I tried it and they said NO. What is a cameraphone toating, blog loving boy to do? YES, I have it is the answer. I have been able to email pics from my phone to my flickr account then blog the pics from flickr. I just discovered this, "Send to Flickr and your blog using this address:" which is totally cool. I can email the pics to a new flickr addy and they will be instantly uploaded to my blog. Who knew?

So the moral of the story is get a Treo and Blog On Dudes. Later.

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