Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Hello Spring !

Hello Spring !
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Finally Spring has sprung in Chicago. We had to wait for May 4th, but I think it is here for good. This was me and the flowered singletrack on my ride today. Everything is starting to dry out and green up out in the forest.

Yesterday I told the wife I was getting in atleast 40 miles of mountain biking this weekend. So I cut out of work to get an early start. Forty miles may not seem like much, but we are talking singletrack not road miles. Plus, I aint in the greatest shape as I have not hit the gym for over a month.

Today was sweet. I was the only person out on this trail. This trail has only 5 miles of singletrack, but it is close to home and rarely crowded.

Just the Ride Stats Mam: 7.24 miles, 51 minutes of ride time, & 8.4 mph avg with a max of 16.1 mph. I picked up a new wired cyclocomputer and it tracked the stats like a champ. The wireless model is a chump.

How about some quick hits???

Why did Rob not listen to Amber and yeild Uchenna and Joyce? They are the best team in the race. He just didn't look at the big picture. Merideth is a guys name?

Why does Extreme Makeover Home Edition make me happy? Am I that easily entertained?

The Shield is a freakin awesome show. You MUST check it out, Tuesdays on FX 10 pm eastern.

The Chicago Bulls need to get their heads out of their arse compartments. Four minutes to go and they are down 8 at home.

I am out. Later.

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