Tuesday, May 10, 2005

The Amazing Race 7

I didn't catch on to this gem of a reality show until season 5 when Chip and Kim won. I can not believe I missed four other installments. This freakin show is awesome baby. They added my favorite Survivors Rob and Amber and this 7th Amazing Race was off the hook.

It came down to speaking Spanish. Rob and Amber were out front, but had a cab driver who didn't know The King Of Havana in Spanish. Well, actually it came down to the last flight. Rob was brilliantly aggressive and got on the almost closed early flight. Uchenna and Joyce some how managed to do the same. They clearly did some begging or something we did not get to see. I mean the plane was closed up and pulling away??

While my favorites were Rob and Amber you got to like Uchenna and Joyce. That dude never gave up and always kept a positive vibe. He refused to believe or let his wife believe that they were out of the race. I mean can you name a worse place for an American to beg for money then Jamaica? They were the best "team" and completed the race with little help from outsiders. I dig the fact that he risked a million dollars by refusing to NOT stiff the cab driver. I am sure Rob would have ran straight to the finish line.

I hope they continue to have some "B" celebrity teams in the race. People we already sorta know. That is cool.

Finally, yes I will be Tivo'ing the Rob and Amber Wedding. I am out. Later.

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