Sunday, May 08, 2005

Who put that there?

Who put that there?
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Yeah flickr finally started working for me again??? I have fallen short of the 40 miles ridden weekend goal, BUT I did hit again today.

I had a few beers last night which made this ride a toughy just to get started. I almost did not go, but I am glad I did. It was beautiful here in Chicagoland today! Despite the heavy rains Saturday morning the singletrack was in great riding shape.

The Ride Stats Please: 7.71 miles in 54 minutes with an avg speed of 8.6 mph and max of 19.9 mph.

That makes for 22 miles of singletrack goodness I rode. My legs are sore and my neck is barking at me. Twisting and Turning and Jumping in the woods is fun and HARD stuff.

Did you see The Contender? I did and I loved it. I was tricked in to believing Jesse was mentally and physically beaten before the first bell ever rung. His words and his body language were that of a beaten man. Add to that the determination and confidence of Anthony and I thought no way in hell Jesse wins.

That seemed to be the case until the last round. Then BAM, Anthony got nailed with that one punch. The one all boxers fear. The one that can come from any boxer at any time. Right on the jaw! Did you see his head and neck just whiplash back? He was out on his feet. I was yelling, "STOP THE FIGHT!"
I was not an Anthony fan, but I did not want to see him get hurt.

Holy Crap did you catch the preview. I think Manfredo gets a second chance at Alfonso? That would be a seriously fast turn around for Manfredo as he just fought. Don't boxers normally fight just 2 to 3 times a year?? I hope I am wrong and these two do NOT fight until the final.

Long post. I am out. Later.

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