Sunday, January 02, 2005

"I Should Have Been Black Mamba."

Yo, I am back in the house. Life, Holidays, Baby Making, & Work have kept me busy. Oh yeah I am still hitting the gym, mountain bike, and the entire workout thing.......BUT things have gotten in the way.

So far I am officially down about 8 pounds. I worked out at least three times a week during this past holiday season. Still with 20 mins of cardio and minor weight lifting. I am enjoying it and really trying to stick with it. My diet has not been so great with all these holiday temptations around. My holiday binge drinking even lead to a McDonalds visit (ok, two visits). All left over chocolates have been trashed and the beer is on hold for a time.

I am still obsessing over this mountain biking thing, which means spending money on gear. I got some cool stuff that won't get real use until spring. It is COLD in the Midwest! Anyway, I may try to get a ride in at Waterfall Glen this week if it hits 40 degrees.

Monday it is back at full throttle. Five workouts a week with healthy eating. Later.

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