Monday, January 24, 2005

"Check out the funbags on that hosehound"

Where does the blogging time go? One week it is a blog a minute and the next week no freaking blogging time for me. Life is one really wild a crazy guy.

OK, the training week from work hell is over. However, they say I am trained but I have no idea how to use this fancy paperless thingy we know have??

Thursday was my off day. Friday I hit it hard, the gym ofcourse, and worked out legs then 25 minutes on the elliptical machine. That really is my max limit for any cardio machine at the gym. I just get sooooo bored. I have my mp3 player, totally rocks and helps pass time, and they have TVs, but it is boring.

Saturday was an off day or day with the wife or day doing whatever the wife wanted. Went to see In Good Company, which wasn't too bad. It is a rental though so don't waste you money at the theater. I like Topher Grace and he really did well for his first main part movie role.

Sunday I was back at the gym. If fact I got up so early I had time to hit the gym, hit Wally World, make lunch, and take a shower all before the NFL payoffs kicked off. I did Chest and Back, then hit the elliptical hard. I was pumping it at 80 rpm for the full 25 minutes and worked up a real nice sweat.

Monday or today, it was bicepts and tricepts with another 20 minutes on the elliptical. I am really feeling good about sticking to this working out making me healthier life style change thing. What?

Alright bloggy blogertons I am out. Later.

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