Wednesday, January 05, 2005

"That Aint Me, I'M From Buffalo"

SNOW SNOW SNOW LOTS AND LOTS OF FREAKIN WET HEAVY SNOW. Did I say SNOW. Yes I did. So far we have 5 inches with any where from 5-10 more to come. Oh how I love the SNOW. I love it so much that I went out and picked up an Ariens Snow Thrower at Home Depot. A $700 Snow Thrower. It took me over an hour to figure out how to start it. For that money it should come with some dude that starts it and clears my drive for me. Anyway, tomorrow at 5am I will fire that bad boy up and knock out whatever mother nature brings. Yeah, me man like big machines that throw stuff.

Workout, uhm, no, I have no workout for you. I spent all afternoon shopping for the "Thrower" and then all night trying to start it. Work & Weather permitting, I plan to hit the gym early afternoon before coming home from work. It will be 30 mins of Cardio and Abs workout.

Watched the number one college basketball team, Fighting Illini, beat Ohio U tonight. Man the Illini look really good. They are a bit undersize but the college game has so few solid big men it may not matter. The three headed guard monster(Williams, Brown, Head) they have is just awesome.

Alright peeps I must exit. Later.

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