Tuesday, January 11, 2005

"Is That A Big Kahuna Burger?"

Well, I took a couple days off from the blog and I miss you! Yeah..........So, I am still doing it. Monday was Chest and Back, then 20 minutes on the cross trainer. Tuesday, today that is, was Bicepts and Tricepts, then no cardio, because I played some hoops tonight. I have not played since August 2004 but I played well. Hit the court for 2 hours and it was a serious cardio workout. I think the game came back quick because I am already somewhat in shape. In my younger days I was a hoop junkie, 3 times a week junkie. I would take time off then just jump back in cold and the game wasn't there. Tonight I could see my working out paying off as I felt good out on the court. It was fun, but my knees and shin splints are barking. I iced them babies up big time tonight.

In the gym I am starting to step up the weights but I am not sure I really want to bulk up. I would like to lose some body fat and tone up. Maybe I should keep the weight low and just increase the reps? Any trainers out there?

Tomorrow the weather is suppose to be nice. Well, rainy and 45 degrees for Chicago is nice in December. If work allows it I may take the mountain bike out for a spin on some paved trails. Waterfall Glen is a likely choice. It has a 10.2 mile limestone loop with some good views. So I hear as I have not been out there yet.

One final thought............I love the Amazing Race. I am somewhat of a reality TV expert, or is that junkie, but I like to think I stick with only the good shows. Like, Survivor, Amazing Race, American Idol, Big Fat Loser, ect..... Anyway, if you like reality check out The Amazing Race, Tuesdays on CBS at 9pm eastern. Something about seeing real people with different attitudes, temperaments and so forth, come together to overcome their fears and succeed at a given task. Plus there is this dude, John, that you have to get a look at.

Alright players, don't hate the blogger, hate the blog. Later.

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