Sunday, January 09, 2005

"My Brother From Another Mother."

I did it! Five workouts this week. Yesterday I hit the gym and it was packed. I rode the spin cycle for 25 minutes. I rode it hard with my MP3 player busting off Pearl Jam tunes. After that I wanted to run for ten minutes but the treadmills were full. Full of all those evil Resolutioners! Anyway, I did some AB work and went home.

I ate fairly well for a Saturday.....Breakfast was a balance bar, lunch was leftover meatloaf, snack was a cafe mocha from Panera, and dinner was a burger with those evil steak fires from Red Robin. I will take that for a Saturday. I am not really trying to drastically change my diet. I just want to cut out some unnecessaries like fast food, candy, pop, you know the real JUNK food stuff. So far so good.

Went to Meet the Fockers yesterday. It was a fun movie, but not nearly as good as the first. There were some awesome previews!! Starwars, War Of the Worlds, Hitch, and Cinderella Man.

I was up late last night loading wallpapers and ringtones on to my Nextel i860. It is such a cool camera Nextel phone. Not sure I really needed to stay up all night but I did.

Today is my off day and I am watching some playoff football. Denver getting spanked! Next week could be tough for working out due to work. We are changing things up and have to be in the office every day. We shall see if I can power through it.

Alright peeps I am out. Later.

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