Thursday, January 06, 2005

"It's Called a Lance, Hello!"

Did I mention lately that I love snow? Really, I love that beautiful little flaking white snow stuff. Just NOT 12 inches of snow in one day. So, I got this snow blower or as I call it the Snow Dozer 3000. It is big, orange, expensive, and runs off gas. Oh yeah, it throws the snow like a champ. I had to do the drive and walk again today and I loved it. It started right up and I cleared all areas very quickly. Now it is going to get really cold and keep this snow around for a while. I love the Midwest.

Anyway, I did puss out and skip todays workout. Oh I wanted to as my last appointment for work was near my house. I heard the afternoon nap fairy calling me but I fought the good fight and drove out of my way past my house to the gym.

I did rather well too. I did 20 mins on the elliptical machine. It is like a cross trainer where you move your hands and feet. Burnt up 350 cals and 1.8 miles. Then I did 13 mins on the treadmill. I ran 8 and walked 5 for 150 cals burnt and 1 mile. Then is was ABs...........150 crunches, then two ABs nautilus machines. I plan to swim tomorrow to change things up. When I have swam in the past I do 20 laps which is 500 meters and it kills me. We shall see.

Watched Las Vegas (TiVo) and think I may make this a regular watch for me. It is a fun hip little show that doesn't take its self too seriously. Alright my peeps I must holla at ya later.

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