Wednesday, January 12, 2005

"Same Time Man, I Don't Know You"

Today was the big day. The temp soared to 60. Most of the snow had melted away. It was very wet but I planned to bike at Waterfall Glen, which is a 10 mile loop of 8' wide limestone path. I have read it is a great alternative to singletrack when conditions are wet. I only have about 50 miles under my belt since I got my Specialized Hardrock Sport this past October 28th. Needless to say I was pumped by the brake winter decided to take.

I packed up the gear and hooked up my never before used Saris Bones bike rack. Great product that took me only 10 minutes to hook up. It worked, I mean the bike didn't fall off. I had my Camelbak loaded and headed off to the trail head.

I arrived and did a quick survey of the trail to discover all snow had melted except for the stuff on the path. There was about 4 inches of slushy icy snow covering all the path I could see. Hey, I have seen the post over at Mtbr Passion Forum so I know you can ride in this stuff and I hit the trail. Uh, I got about 1 mile to the first real climb and called it a day. How the heck do people ride in this stuff. I clearly didn't have the right set up and don't currently posses the right skills for snow riding. Damn it all to hell Jim. I really wanted to ride. I guess I have to wait for the next 60 degree December afternoon?

As a result, today became my off day. I took Eddie, my 1 year spunky Rat Terrier to the dog park for his exercise and that's that. I am really sore from playing hoops anyway. My knees and upper back/neck areas are tight!! I will be back at the gym tomorrow.

Later my peeps.

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