Friday, January 07, 2005

"What We Do In Life Echoes In Eternity"

This title might be the best line from my favorite movie of tonight. What movie is it though?

WORKOUT..................Oh yeah I did a little swimming today. I like to change my workouts up and every now and then I swim. I did 20 laps which is 500 meters. Yeah, it kicked my butt. Afterward my heart was pounding and I felt sick. Good Workout, Good Times. I went home after that.

Today makes 4 days of working out this week. I may attempt to get back on the basketball court tomorrow or Sunday for my 5th day. I have not played since August 2004 so it, my game, will be brutal but, it is such good cardio!

I ate very little today, 2 eggs and balance bar for breakfast, a Snickers for lunch because work blows, and 3 pieces of deep dish pizza for dinner. Is that a little? Who knows but Fridays are a tough eating day for me. I mean its the weekend and who wants to eat healthy?

Just a reminder but my current working out thing is not my current obsession. That is Mountain Biking (see very first post). The workouts are to prepare me for my 2005 year of the mountain bike............or 2005, the year I ride............... or Epic Rides 2005................or the year I get in to mountain biking, 2005. You get the point. I plan to hit many Midwest mountain biking trails this year and the work I do this winter is all for that.

All right my many peeps, I am OUT. Later.

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