Saturday, January 29, 2005

"Constantly talking isn't necessarily communicating."

Well, my neck & shoulder pain is still there. It is always there but currently it is more annoying then normal, but not as bad as it can be. In other words I can move my head from side to side. Anyway, I am sure no one cares for my excuses, me included, so I am working around it.

Thursday & Friday I hit the gym and did cardio machines only. Thursday I did the elliptical machine for 25 minutes at 70 rpm & 140 HR averages. Friday I did 20 minutes on the spin cycle and spun it hard and fast for the full time. Each day I finished up with 15 minutes on the treadmill, 8 running 7 walking. Not bad for me, but I am not really losing any weight. Last year at this time I was around 235 and this week I am at 227, which is up from a week ago (224).

What to do is the question? Well this all for my 2005 Summer of Mountain Biking Fun, so I am reading up in the bicycle magazines on how to train for riding. I think I need more time on the spin bike at a lower rate to increase my riding endurance. I also need to watch my diet, mainly on weekends. I eat out to much and consume way to many calories. It' s hard, do I watch fat, carbs, or calories? My generations seems be a carb watching gen and that is the route I go?? I am not going to deprive myself of all the goodies, just control them, and I think I have. Who knows? No, really, does anyone know?

Alright my peeps out in blogger land, I got to go. The number one team in the college basketball nation is about to tip it up. Me out. Later.

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