Monday, January 03, 2005

"Shut Your Hole Wang Chung"

Hello cyber space how are we doin? Well today I hit the gym and skipped McDonalds. Nothing like two home made turkey samiches and a cliff bar for lunch! The gym was packed with this being the first full week after the holidays...................New Year Resolutions Anyone? Should I feel proud that I started my life changing plan (Dr Phil Talk) back in October or just pissed that I got to wait on some dudes that won't make it two weeks? Heck, I have already fallen off the wagon and gotten back on while these dudes are just starting.

Anyway, I did some chest and back exercises with free weights AND 20 minutes on the spin cycle. I received an MP3 player for Christmas and it really makes time fly. I mean you can spin some wheels when jamming to Pearl Jam. It was a good workout.

Dinner was some lovely boneless skinless chicken breast, rice, and green beans. Can you say Yummy.

After dinner I watched Open Water on DVD. Good rental, don't purchase it though. It may make you think twice before getting in the local pool this summer...................Later.

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