Monday, March 20, 2006

What is a Bradley Brave??

and why are they in the sweet sixteen. and WTF happend to my Fighting Illini. and why couldn't Dee Brown get his game on? and why must i have so many freakin questions???

so check it out. yesterday it was cold, well 45 degrees cold, so i loaded up the mountain bike for some WaterFall Glen raging. i hit it for 20 miles in 1 hr 45 mins, 12.7 mph avg, and 29.7 mph max. i estimate if burnt up around 1000 calories. oh yeah i was hammering down them hills. speaking of hills i dont see too many on my road bike, but WaterFall Glen is a nice double wide limestone path 10 mile loop with rolling terrian and my legs feel it today.

however, i jumped on the treadmil this afternoon for a nice recovery walk of 38 minutes for 2.7 miles. tuesday weigh-in is just around the corner!! later.

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