Tuesday, March 14, 2006

That Wall Aint Got Nothing On Me....

twenty-two pounds and counting. you got it, i am at 214 lbs as of this morning. i wasn't a real fatty prior to jan 06, but at 236 lbs (6'3'') i was headed in the wrong direction. i was the tall guy with the beer belly and a love of hot wings and pizza. still got the love, but the belly is going bye bye. i plan to post some before and after Biggest Loser Style pictures in about three weeks. my goal was 215 by April, but as i previously blogged it demanded to be readjusted, so i got crazy and made it 205. we shall see.

only had time for 30 minutes of cardio today as i was on after work baby duty. managed 1.5 miles running and 1 mile fast pace walking in that time. my diet is still in check which you can see by clicking on my fitday link to the right.


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