Sunday, March 12, 2006

We Have Sun!

AND WIND, but i will get to that later. yesterday it was in the 60s, but clouds and a freakin vicious wind made me not ride. i know, what a sissy. we had rain too. this morning was a different story. the sun made an appearance and temps were slated to be near 50 degrees. i did the baby thing until mommy woke up around 9am (she had a run in with a bottle of wine last night!) (oh wait so did i!!) and then prepared to hit the road.

it looked awesome out and i geared up and headed out. immediately i knew the ride back in would be a bitch. WIND, cold steady wind of about 15 mph was pushing me west at an average of 23 mph,which is super fast for this beginner. i mean i was barely working it and still maintaining that pace.

ten miles out i made the turn to head back east and bam, how you doing, the wind smacked me in the face. i was just spinning like crazy with my head down and it took all i had to maintain 10 mph. it was pain and perhaps the best workout i have had in years. i think i loved it? plus i spotted 5 other roadies challenging the wind too!!

the stats please; well get over to (link to your right) and check them out. ok, no need for profanity, here you go;

1 hr 26 mins, 21.6 miles, 14.9 mph avg & 27.9 max, 84 avg cadence & 103 max, 145 HR avg & 164 max, 1338 cals toasted.

that makes over 40 miles this weekend, a record for me. warmer weather will only bring more miles! later.

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