Saturday, March 25, 2006

It Feels So Good.......

hit the good old YMCA today for my workout. it was 32 minutes on the elliptical burning up 530 calories. yes he said, "530 calories!" that felt so good i hit the treadmill for a nice 16 minutes of running. all told i covered 4.7 miles and toasted over 700 calories in that 48 minutes between 9am and 10am. what did you do this morning?

running is amazing, or i mean it is amazing i can run. at close to 240 lbs running was never an option. it was just too much trauma on the knees. but i aint near 240 lbs any more and running is the bomb. it is still hard, but sooo rewarding both physically and mentally.

the diet has been solid this week. i have been intaking more calories the last two weeks as i feel my body needs them. with that being said i have averaged 2200 cals per day the last month. by my estimation this is 600 below my BMR number which provides me a nice calorie deficiency needed for losing weight. what? well, it all means i feel good about putting up a low number at my next weigh in.

plan for tomorrow is RIDE TIME. i hope it warms up to 40 degrees with slight on no winds by 9am so i can hit the road. i need a minimum of 20 miles to reach 100 miles ridden for the month of march. not bad being i live in the Midwest!!

you all can do it. stay positive. later.

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