Sunday, March 05, 2006

Weekend Complete.....

well this weekend was a success on the diet front when compared to last. i did partake in some Chicago style pizza Saturday, but a man needs his pizza. i ended this week with some solid cardio.

Friday it was the elliptical machine and 500 calories toasted, Saturday it was the treadmill where i ran a mile in 9 mins 30 seconds and walked another 1.6 miles, and today it was the treadmill again with an 8 minute 45 second mile and 1.5 walked. at the start of this year i couldn't run for 3 minutes let alone spend 35 total minutes on a treadmill.

i got in 5 days of cardio and kept my calories low all week so i hope to drop a nice number with my Tuesday weigh in. temps may hit 50 near weeks end but right now its freakin snowing out. hopefully i will be riding by Friday though. later.

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