Friday, March 17, 2006

The Madness.....

i love March Madness, but it can be a devil in disguise if not controlled. like last night, i head over to a buddy's house to view the Fighting Illini on his new 50'' plasma boob tube in his newly finished Irish Pub Themed basement. what is the harm? well, 8 miller lite beers is 900 calories and i feel guilty. i feel like the next time i step on the scale i will be back up to 236 lbs. it 's weird and crazy, but i got the cheaters guilt.

AND it is good old St Pattys Day. it would be nice to go out and get a bite to eat. no skinless boneless chicken tonight, but what can a calorie counting guilt feeling middle aged man eat out and about? i use to hit Chilis once a week and i love their burgers. so i did some searching and holy crap balls batman it is straight madness how bad this food is for people. check it out;

Bottomless Tostada Chips w/Hot Sauce [1 Basket]
= (480 cal/36 g fat/4 g fiber/26 g carbs)

Chipotle Bleu Cheese Bacon Burger
= (1090 cal/71 g fat/3 g fiber/57 g carbs)

Homestyle Fries w/entree
= (430 cal/26 g fat/4 g fiber/43 g carbs)

you can do the math and it is amazing. prior to my cleansing of 2006 i really had no idea that in most meals i was eating the RDA = Recommended Daily Allowance in one freaking sitting. think about it. think about all the people who have no idea that they are consuming 2000+ calorie dinners.

now, if i could just find the damn number for Chilis call ahead seating. i kid, maybe. later.

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