Sunday, March 26, 2006

100 miles and counting......

todays ride was sweet. it was chilly, but the wind was minor at 5 mph NE, so the 40 degrees was doable. my goal was 30, but i had to cut it just short of that due to a pee issue. the issue was i had to go pee really bad. that ment turning off the main route and heading back until i could find some tree cover. hey, i had to go.

anyway, it was my longest ride at 27.5 miles. the stats please; 27.5 miles, 1 hr 39 mins, 16.6 mph avg, 25.9 mph max, 88 avg cadence with 110 max, 145 avg heart rate with 166 max, and the best number of all, 1463 calories sent packing. you gotta love that. i felt really good after the ride. i think i could have managed 10 to 15 more miles. stupid bladder!

some may ask, or none may ask by the looks of my traffic, but some may ask what the hell am i doing. the obvious is living a better and HEALTHIER life. i do have some other goals though.

first, is the weight loss. 205 is no longer the goal. its officially 200 lbs. second, i plan on riding a century may 7th. a century is an organized ride put on by a local cycle club. the have mapped out routes with on course SAG and stops with food and what not. it is 100 miles. uh, yeah 100 miles in one day. i have 101 days to prepare for the 100 miles. third, i plan to ride a metric century july 4th, same deal as a century, but its 62 miles. get it, metric system? finally i am seriously considering participating in a Sprint Triathalon. its a mini tri consisting of a 500 meter swim, 12 mile bike ride, and 5 k run. holy crap, a guy drops a few pounds and suddenly i am lance freakin armstrong. hey, we gotta have goals???

last but not least. todays ride put me over 100 miles for the month of march. not too shabby considering not one ride saw temps over 50 degrees.


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