Thursday, March 09, 2006

PEARL JAM !!!!!!!

the greatest band in the world has a new album coming out May 2nd and their new single is available for FREE (with no digital rights act crap, cause that's how they roll) over at plus, as a member of the 10c (ten club) i was just able to pick up four tickets to their May show at the United Center in Chicago. Can I get a Hell Yeah!

not to mention, i have been kicking the workout to a new level. yeah, i am still pissed about not losing any weight last week, so! today it was running for 30 freaking minutes. did some intervals, average 5.1 mph, 2.6 miles, 413 calories burnt, 141 avg heart rate. i feel those pounds melting right now.

i am out to watch American Idol. later.

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