Sunday, May 21, 2006

My Bike Says Hello!

Got my butt, literally, out on the road bike yesterday for the first time in over a week. Excuses? Crappy cold rainy weather and stupid work and stupid bills which make me have to stupid work.

I had my first roadie encounter while on this ride. I very fit dude with aero bars came flying up on me while I was chugging at 16 mph into a crappy 15 mph headwind. We chatted a bit and I could see he wouldn't mind having a ride partner. However, this guy was serious and he dropped me before I could even try to grab his wheel. Maybe next time?

The stats: 31.6 miles, time 1 hr 46 minutes, 17.7 mph avg with 23.8 mph max, 138 avg heart rate with 159 max, 83 avg cadence with 103 max, and 1417 calories burnt.

It was a short quick ride, but I really felt it. It was a workout. I think that is my fastest average speed to date! Cool and the gang.

Ok today, no ride in sight, but we got yard work galore and car washing duties lined up. Later.

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