Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Late Reporting...

You can put it on the board..............YES!!

193.6 lbs. is the magic number for the week of May 15th, 2006. I am closing in on 190 lbs. With that being said I am poised for a let down in the coming weeks.

Maybe even next week. See, it is Wednesday and I have NOT worked out since Sunday! I have not been on the bike since last Thursday, but that mainly is do to really crappy cold and rainy Midwest Weather pattern. AND, my diet has gone to crap. Check my Fitday and you will see.

Last night I attended the Pearl Jam concert at the United Center in Chicago. It was totally rocking and kicked all forms of arse. They played for well over two hours and played some of my favorite less played Pearl Jam tunes. Black had to be my favorite of the night.

What goes with being at a rock concert? Yes, BEERS. Lots of BEERS. I got home and in bed at 1am and was up at 530am getting ready for work. Ouch, I am hurting today. Had to have McDonald's this morning to help fight the feeling and just polished off some Buffalo Wild Wings for lunch. Calories, Calories, we love Calories! It's crazy, but I feel like crap for binging or indulging or whatever you want to call it. It is like I feel if I cheat just once I will instantly gain back all the weight????

Man, I am tired. Later.

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