Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Almost Forgot....

I did get a nice little ride on Sunday. I got out early to avoid the heat. I departed around 7:30 am and it was already in the 80s. Plus, I was in Southern, IL, which actually has some real Hills!! Besides the damn sweet burning my eyes it was a great ride. I need to pick myself up some type of sweat band to wear under my helmet.

The Stats: 37.8 miles, 2 hours 14 minutes ride time, 16.9 mph avg speed with 33 mph max, 85 avg cadence with 113 max, 143 avg heartrate with 166 max, and 1883 calories burnt.

My second century is coming up this weekend, The Udder Century, in Union, IL. My schedule looks busy this week with limited time for training, but I am still pumped for it. Later.

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