Monday, February 05, 2007

While I Wasn't Looking...

I ran a bunch last month. I started a half marathon training plan after building a running base of 15 to 18 miles per week in November and December of 2006. See, you have to train so you can train.

How much is a bunch? 82.2 miles!! I had no idea until I was messing around with the training log reports over at

Here are my January 07 Running Stats:

Walks/Runs: 21
Average MHR: 168.0
Average AHR: 146.9
Average Time: 00:34:47
Total Time: 12:10:34
Average Speed: 6.8 MPH
Average Mi Pace: 8:53
Average Distance: 3.9 Mi
Total Distance: 82.2 Mi
Average Calories Burned: 534.1
Total Calories Burned: 11216
This week will be a toughie training wise. First, the weather is horrible. With highs barely above ZERO and real feel temps of MINUS Twenty being forecasted, miles will have to be logged on a treadmill. Secondly, the plan has the length of each run slightly increasing, which means more time. Third, the Wife has a super busy work schedule this week that puts me on the front line of baby duty. Finally, this all means I will be running at night, after dinner, around 8pm, AND on my POS home dreadmill in my dark, cold, and unfinished basement.
Wow, this really reads like I am lining up my excuses?? However, I look at it like I am lining up my motivation! I will succeed. First on the home front, then on the training front.
What about the Bears? Uh, Grossman = Really Bad, Defense = Bad, Offensive Line = Bad, Game Plan = Bad. It started perfectly and ended horribly. I did manage to eat my way to happiness though!

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