Tuesday, February 27, 2007


Ice Bath, Rest, Ice Pack, Rest, Repeat...........and all is well. Sunday was a complete off day finished with some red wine and the Oscars. I think I must have been more mentally shaken then physically after my poor run on Saturday. When you put in so much effort and time you don't want one miss calculation to bring it all to an end. So, the ankle is good an the knee is normal. Normal meaning it requires a little extra TLC then the rest of me :)!

I highly recommend the ICE BATH, well cold water soak, for anyone feeling the strains of training. It takes only 15 minutes and will have you back on the road running and cycling in no time. Don't cheat, make it all cold water, just skip the ice. The hardest part of the process is just getting your arse down into the cold water.

This week the running has been solid despite being treadmill efforts. If this rain, ice, snow, and wind storm holds off I plan to log my 5 miles tomorrow outside. Yeah for outside. Later.

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