Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Snow DAY!!

So, I am 33 years old and experiencing my second SNOW DAY this winter. The first one was in December and I had been in the car for over an hour on my 20 mile commute to work when I got the call that our office would be closed. After an hour to get back home it was a lovely little two hour morning trip for nothing.

Today it is the threat of snow that has shut us down. My total car time for almost-to-work-and-back was only an hour this morning. This time I was not pissed that they called so late as I really did NOT want to participate in the Rush Hour Traffic / Blowing Blizzard Like Snow Conditions that the everyone is predicting for tonight.

So, time to do some surfing and finish my coffee. Then off to the gym to use those wonderful treadmills and log some miles. Later.

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