Sunday, February 18, 2007

Long Run................DONE.

AND it was an outside effort. Once again, a frigid outside effort, but it felt sooo good. The real feel temp was 2 degrees at departure. No problem as I have done this temp once or twice this winter already. The key is the warm up. I gear up and get ready to roll, but first I put in five minutes of brisk walking on the treadmill (yeah I know, the evil dreadmill strikes again) before I head out. This way my second step out the door is a running one. It seems to work for me.

The run was a distance PR for me. It was a very satisfying effort. This run completes week seven of my Half Marathon Training. I started a week late, so that leaves me with four to go. It is really awesome to set a goal and journey towards it. I am seeing progress with every step.

The run numbers: 8.1 miles, 1:09:26, 8:35 pace, 150 avg HR / 162 max HR.

It is not easy to stay on course, but I do. I am finding a way to handle family and work and training and weather and the treadmill with success. To all those out there training away, stay focused and fight through the evil axis of winter. You will be better for it. Later.

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