Saturday, February 24, 2007

Training Mistake?

I feel my S.A.D. (Seasonal Affective Disorder) coming back with vengeance just like winter is, RIGHT now. We are under a Winter Sleet, Ice, and Snow advisory. I was foolish to think that this weeks balmy 45 degree days were the end of the old man?!*!?@?.

So, this was a solid week of outside runs. Almost 20 miles worth of outside runs. The training plan called for a 10k race this weekend. Well, it is February in Chicago and there are NOT too many 10k races going on this weekend. Since this Half Marathon I am doing (3/18/07) is slated as a tough, challenging, hilly course, I thought I better run some hills. All my training runs have been on flat paved roads or the treadmill.

I headed out to Waterfall Glen Trail, a 10 mile loop limestone path of rolling terrain. I guess those two 45 degree days were not enough to melt the snow off the path! Duh!! It was mostly covered with a nice hard packed layer of snow and ice. However, I had made the trip of 25 minutes and was going to give it a try.

I can not really explain it. The ground was uneven, bumpy, slick, and hard. For some reason I did 3 or so miles on the trail then 3.5 on some surrounding roads. The trail running was dumb. I tweaked my left ankle and knee. Both are sore, especially the ankle. My quads and lower back are really tight too.

My first step brought my first thought, NO, but I ran the path anyway. :( I am bumming to think this run could really set me back. After 10 solid weeks of training and results, I am so close to race day! I did the ice bath, well really cold water bath, today and hope it feels better tomorrow. Atleast it may get me out of snow shoveling tomorrow. Later.

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