Saturday, June 02, 2007

Year To Date......

Some quick numbers:
  • Runs = 75 for 329.5 miles for 49:30:50 / 9 min pace
  • Rides = 19 for 714.7 miles for 42:08:09 / 17 mph avg

On the cycling front I am waaaay ahead of last year (my first season) when I ended with over 2500 total miles. Currently most of my running was done early in the year while training for a half marathon. My goal had been to run 15 miles a week for the purpose of cross training and more importantly maintaining a base for marathon training. That is not happening. This week I have no runs.

This worries me a bit as I plan to run the Chicago Marathon in October. In terms of running this event is right around the corner. Most marathon training plans are 18 to 16 weeks long and require you to have a pre training base of 15 to 25 miles a week. Anything less and you risk getting hurt. See Lance Armstrong in the 2006 NYC Marathon.

According to my calendar, in 18 weeks the Chicago Marathon will be ran. I got no runs this week. I got no plan. June and July are BIG cycling event months for me. Maybe I should stick to cycling? Do I have the time to do both? More importantly do I want to find the time? Questions I need to answer. Later.

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