Tuesday, June 05, 2007

400 WATTS.....

The 2006 Udder Century was a fast century for me with a 5:53 ride time & 17.1 mph average. The 2007 Udder Century was a 400 watt hammer fest! Good times.

The usual suspects of the BFNIC (BikeForums.net IL Chapter) were there along with a couple of second timers and a few first timers. I knew before we even hit the road that this group would be fast. The wattage was just oozing out of some of these guys. I also knew that I wanted to test, push, and punish myself as part of my Horrible Hilly Hundreds (124 miles with 12000 feet of climbing) training.

I was not the driving force of this group, but I managed to hold my own. The results speak for themselves:
  • 100.45 miles / 5:13:42 ride time / 19.21 mph average / 86 rpm avg / 4865 calories.

Not to shabby for the first weekend in June. I see a sub five hour century in this group's future.


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