Friday, June 29, 2007

Running Deliema.....

It all started at the end of 2006. I had a great 06, became a new person mentally and physically. You know, "The Best Shape of My Life" kind of stuff. I started running as it got colder. Did a couple 5ks and a 10k and a enjoyed the training. I enjoyed taking my fitness level to a new high. And so on....

Early November we are at a party with some long time friends. One guy, was into triathlons in 2005 ,but not so much anymore. He wanted to do something in 2006 that he could train for and use to get back into shape. How about a Marathon? How about Chicago Marathon 2007? After a couple beers it was agreed too. It was me, him, and that guy who is overweight and out of his league, but just cocky enough to think he can hang (you know that guy!), who agreed we would do the Marathon.

January rolls around and two of us sign up the first day. That third guy didn't. Never did. Never will. So it's two.

I love to cycle and really am only a part time runner. My cycling season has been fantastic to date. My off season running program has me flying on the bike in the early season. I am loving it. The plan was to run three times a week for 15 miles until late July when I would focus on the Marathon. That has not happened. I am running, but lucky to get two runs or 10 miles a week. I am struggling with the thought of interrupting my cycling season for a Marathon. ??

Now, the leader of this brain cramp is backing out. He must be hurt. He must have some catastrophic runners injury, because this guy doesn't quit. Yep, he quit. He has he reasons and I respect that.

What to do? I have paid. Forked over the hundred bones. It is something I want to do, but like I have said, I love cycling. I will not decide until after RAIN (160 miles, one way, one day), which is in two weeks. Smart running knowledge is you need at least 16 weeks to train for a Marathon. Not to mention a pre training start base of 20 miles a week. I will not have that. I will close to 1500 cycling miles though.

With my fitness level is 12 weeks enough time to prepare for Chicago? It's Chicago! My hometown Marathon! I would love to run it. I am not a quitter. What would you do?

I am off to run.


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