Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The Return.....

On the tenth day he returns from Mexico and RIDES!! We had a great time. Great resort and a fantastic view from our room (as you can see above.) That being said, it was difficult for me to take so many days off in a row. O.K., I did a couple of short runs through the resort and we did walk pretty much everywhere, BUT I missed my bike. It's kind of weird, the person I have become. Two years ago I would go months without strenuous activities. Who knew?!?!
So the legs felt good today on the bike. Every thing else was tight, but that I expected. It is time for me to focus on preparing for the RAIN ride. Yep, 160 miles, one way, one day. It's around the corner. Schedule wise it looks like I should have ample riding time. I am looking forward to it. Later.

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