Sunday, June 25, 2006

The Perfect Ride.......

I think I had the perfect ride Saturday morning. I left the house at 8am, the weather was perfect at 60 degrees, sunny, and CALM. It was so darn nice I wish I would have had my digi camera with me. A total flip flop from my "Busted" ride on Thursday.

To top off the perfect weather my body cooperated fully and I felt the best I have ever felt on the road bike. The Ride Stats: 47.8 miles, 2 hours 40 minutes, 17.9 mph avg with 29.3 mph max, 89 avg cadence with 111 max, 137 avg heart rate with 163 max, and 2094 calories toasted.

It looks like I will be signing up to participate in RAIN. Ride Across Indiana, 160 miles, one way, one day! I need some training and gear tips. Feel free to tip away. Later.

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