Monday, June 05, 2006

My Udder Century

You can remove me from the list of people you know who have completed A century. Yesterday I completed my Second Century. Here is the ride report.

Great weather, great ride, and great people. The IL Chapter of the Cycling Culb is officially going strong. My ride went like this......I made sure to have all my gear ready the night before as my 5am wake up call would leave me with only 30 minutes to get out the door. 5:30 am depart and I arrived in Union around 6:45am. Registered and met up with the Club and awaited the rest of the gang.

Not sure what time we departed, but it was 7:15 to 7:30ish. Miles 0 to 25 were easy for me. Lots of group chatter and I felt good on the bike. First rest stop was around mile 25 and was packed with riders. Miles 25 to 45 were good for me too, but things were starting to stiffen up. I should have stretched better at this stop.

Miles 45 to 65 is were my pain kicked in. The neck and upper back were not happy with me. This was a tough stretch for me, but in the end not the toughest. The 65 mile rest stop was much needed.

I hit something around 70 to 80 miles and I am pretty sure it was a wall. I dropped off our four man group and struggled into the wind. Singal11 and the "Lurker" were nice enough to slow up and wait for Psimet2001 and I. The 80 mile rest stop was my favorite!!!

Miles 80 to 90 I felt great, but at the 90 mile mark I began to stuggle up the final hills, ok, rollers, that lead to the finish. There was a sweet long decent at the end were we hit 30 mph! I finished with Singal11, but only becuase he waited for me, twice, on this last part. We rolled into the finish at 2:30pm.

My Stats: 100.8 miles, 5:53 ride time, 17.1 avg speed with 30.4 max, 84 avg cadence with 105 max, 136 avg heart rate with 166 max, and 4567 calories burnt.

It was great meeting those who showed and I look forward to the next one.


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