Thursday, June 22, 2006


This morning I put off work and geared up for an 8 am ride. It was overcast, but I didn't think twice about it. Three miles out it gets really dark. Four miles out the lightning starts and the skies darken more. Six miles out the rain starts. Why didn't I turn around? Seriously, I should have turned around.

Sure I was heading west directly into the storm front, but to the south it looked clear. I thought I could get past the front and all would be good for the planned 30 mile pre-work ride.

The rain came Hard, Heavy and COLD. I had to park it behind the biggest country tree I could find. The tree actually provided nice cover from the rain and winds.

With NO signs of clearing, and heavy thunder and lightning, I had to call for help. "Honey, can you come pick me up?????" Right at baby nap time she packed up and rescued me.

Now I am at work, it has cleared, the sun is out, and temps are going back up to the 80s. DAMN YOU evil rain doers. Later.

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