Saturday, January 27, 2007

Heat Wave........

Is it possible that I am already done with Old Man Winter? For Chicagoland this has been a mild winter (knock on wood), but I still feel the need to be done with it. I need warmer temps and longer days. I mean, I gots some training to get done. AND I miss my bike! Bike I do love you!

O.K., I moved up the long run to today because of the heat wave. Yep, it was 20 degrees when I departed at 9am. Tomorrow the projected high temp is 15 degrees with massive winds and wind chill. It was a no brainer.

The plan called for 6 miles and I gave it that and just a bit more. I am still working on slowing things down when I run outside. Most of the experts state that a novice should be running his long efforts slower then his anticipated marathon pace. Well, I want to run a sub 4 hour marathon, which puts my "anticipated" pace around 9 minute miles. It seems sooooo slow though. I just need to remind myself that the goal is 26.2 miles at 9 minute pace and training runs of 7 miles at 8 minute pace will do more harm then good in the long run. I think? Who knows?

While I was gearing up, or walking around the house in my Under Armour TIGHT cold gear shirt, the wife blurted out; "You are a freakin machine!" Thank you honey.

Tonight is date night. We have some baby sitters (yes it takes two to handle my little angle) dinner and a movie in our plans. Yep, A Real Movie at the Theater. Yeah for us. Unfortunately, the movie we want to see, Blood Diamond, is not playing nearby, but we will find something. Later.

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