Friday, January 26, 2007

Scrubs, The Musical.....

With all the BEAR excitement I forgot to mention something about my favorite TV show, Scrubs; I FREAKIN LOVE IT!

Coffee Bucks killed me. I mean it was subtle and not so subtle all at the same time. Every scene had someone holding their Coffee Bucks cup. You know how people hold them so you can see that they are not just drinking gas station coffee, but some real gourmet Coffee Bucks coffee.

Scrubs, The Musical, which I watched last weekend (TiVo), was just pure brilliant comedy television with a touch of heart and feeling added in. It has to be the best 30 minutes of television I have ever seen. Yes, I said EVER! Good times.

The workouts have been solid this week. I am sticking to Hal Higdon's Novice Half Marathon training plan fairly well. I am making the required mileage and then some. I move the weekly rest day between Thursday and Friday depending on work & life. You can follow all of my exciting training by clicking on the sidebare link to my log over at

I am not a big fan of the cross training, but that is mainly due to the limited options this time of year present for me. Unless, I get to the gym I really do not have any at home cross training options. I am thinking about busting out one of the wife's yoga DVDs for this weekend planned cross training??

Now the core strengthening is something I have developed a nice little at home routine for. Some sit-ups, push-ups, chair dips, scissor kicks and what not. I actually am seeing some results already. It is crazy how fast things can tone up when you don't have 40 lbs of fat insulating it. :) Later.

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