Saturday, July 31, 2010

A Wise Man Once Told Me

"You cant expect to finish 22nd every time."

7.31.2010 Tour of Elk Grove, Mens CAT 4, 35 minutes.

This isn't going to be all that complicated. I Did Not Finish the race. First DNF of the year and my fresh racing career.

I have been chasing something for a while and ignoring the obvious. The wife could see it, the mom in law could see it, the four year old could see it, but not me. Too much chart staring and confusion as to why the damn blue line wasn't going upward.

Eight efforts in Nine days leading up the race had me getting pulled with about 3 laps to go. I got the throat slash from USAC & pulled with 3 other riders despite working my arse off, 25 mph & 275w. I didn't take that very well. We weren't getting lapped or going to be lapped AND I like to finish.

However, I get it. I sucked today no matter how many laps I finished, or didn't, and a safe finish for the pack is more important.

This course requires a fresh set of legs and clear mind. The surges out of the tight corners were massive for me. The U-turn was, well, a U-turn and I never figured that one out. What hurt the most was the acceleration coming out of turn 2 & 3 onto a slight uphill back stretch. Not really my kind of course. No, I don't know what kind of course suits me best, but it aint Elk Grove Village. :)

A couple days off and a couple Fat Tire beers have been jotted down for this coming week. Up next for PSIMET Racing is the Grayslake Cycling Classic.

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