Monday, July 19, 2010

Just Got Paid

YES there were more participants than payout slots this time around.

Evanston Grand Prix (Superweek), 7.18.10, M35+ 4/5 Field.

Going into Geneva I felt great. Nervous about the technical course, but everything else was lined up. It was a difficult race and while my final spot doesn't reveal this, I rode well. Going into Evanston everything was not lined up. It is not my style to sandbag or under estimate my form, but I really wasn't feeling "it" yesterday.

A quick thunderstorm postponed things for a bit and allowed us to get in several warm up laps. Uh, wow, 6 left turns, 1 right turn, several that seemed tight, and several with manholes occupying the optimal line.

My PT wasn't working, which made me made (likely dead hub batteries). I had a kid in tow and while she had excellent race day sitters (Team PSIMET significant others RULE!) I still worry that she is OK, behaving, listening, not swimming in the local fountain :) and so on. Plus, when the rain cleared it got super hot. I think I covered it all.

Race Quick Hitters

1. Started at the back. Like all the way back.
2. Missed my clip in, but hey I was already OTB.
3. Once again, took me 5 or six laps to get comfortable.
4. PSIMET for the $50 prime...almost...nice effort Boss.
5.The only right hand turn was killing me.
6. Moved up gradually this time around.
7. Never saw the one man break who stayed away for the win.
8. In the drops, on the saddle, worked best for me & that right hander.
9. Bell lap, sitting 3rd, turn two crash, jumped on it hard to get a gap.
10. Got squirrelly in 5 on squishy asphalt, lost momentum & 2nd place.

I was going , but wanted to make a move coming out of the right hander when the crash behind us dictated otherwise. We were racing for second and I likely don't win that sprint, but I have a much better chance sitting 2nd wheel coming out of the last turn as opposed to first. Second, went around early, then 3rd, then 4th, and I was crapping out. I pushed through it, arse on the tip of the saddle, funny pain face on full display and grabbed me some 5th place.

Still plenty of room for improvement.

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