Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Willow Springs Road Race....

.....Road Race, Criterium, Circuit Race, Short Group Ride. Whatever it officially was I enjoyed it. I mean racing on Tuesday with perfect weather is much better than being tied to a desk on a Tuesday with perfect weather.

Keep in mind this is my first year of racing. It is all a new experience for me. From the events to the terminology to fellow riders comments to almost hitting a barricade while attempting to grab a water bottle at 25 mph, and so on.

I pre rode the course a week ago, but was interested to see how it would be officially set up. Meaning which roads of the three, if any, would be closed. Willow Springs was the only one. At least we could trudge uphill in both lanes. Archer & 95th were single lanes, center line rule enforced, with either barricades and/or cones.

Despinte being 20 minutes behind schedule I think Superweek put on another fantastic event.

I don't want to drag this out. I mean a CAT4 race report isn't appointment reading.

Quick Hitters: 7.13.10 Willow Springs Road Race M4/5 20 miles

1. Neutral Start was interesting. I wasn't ready to just dart out of the parking lot like that.
2. The only potential brake of the race was shut down, by the ladies race in front of us.
3. A flat can derail strong legs.
4. Braking at the front on a downhill back stretch seems odd.
5. Due to above Joe B. went down hard in the ditch (OK & finished).
6. You can crash hard going up hill.
7. I am getting better @ spotting the contenders for the day.
8. I still cant hold those contenders wheels.
9. Gassed @ the top w/ 1 to go cost me a top ten.
10. 26th out of 75 starters.

The last two efforts we good for me. Good right up until the end. I need to work on the end.

Good luck PSIMET Racing out at Lake Geneva today. I am back to work, tied to the desk and computer.

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