Sunday, July 11, 2010

Same, but Different...

Superweek(s) is here. 17 consecutive days of bicycle racing in the Chicago Burbs and Southern Cheeseland. This is my first Superweek(s) and I only know, what I know, from others in the know. You got that?

It won't be 17 races for me, but I'm paid for four with the potential of 2 more. Six would be a lot for this old man in two weeks. I'll try to keep the race reports short and sweet.

7/10/2010 @ Geneva, Masters 35+ 4/5 Crit, 40 Minutes; I raced and I didn't win.

You want more? Cool.

Geneva is new to Superweek for 2010. I thought it was/is a great downtown area and setting for a race. The historic business district is fantastic and lined with mature trees providing shade. Parking was easy and registration was a breeze. Plus, the Coffee and Ice Cream was a plenty.

Pre race talk was all about crashing, oh and the crazy technical course, oh and the heat. It was hot, but that is never really an issue for me. I took my warm up lap and rolled through turns 2, 3, and this should be interesting, if not really dangerous.

I was in the second row for the start. Off we go and after three attempts to clip in I am at the back of the pack. Real nice Clark. I stayed back there the first 6 laps trying to figure out the course. It was pretty much single file, with braking, through those turns. Then it was surging at 500 to 600 watts up a slight hill to hang on. My Spider Senses were telling me this was not good for me.

Six laps in and the pack is fracturing even more. About 20 guys are going forward and 20 guys are going backwards. I moved forward and continued to do so the rest of the race. Well, most of the rest.

While I was OTB the winning break of 2 got away. I had no idea who was in that break. Not knowing caused me to burn one to many matches attempting to up the pace or jump on a chase group. The breakaway'ers had teammates in the pack doing their job to contain it. We were racing for third, which I realized right after I lit up that last match.

I rode well. After lap 6 I was in the top ten each time around. I was on the front way too long, but hey at least I was on it. I went into the last two turns up front............ect, ect, ect.......I finished 22nd.

Same, but different.

Willow Springs Circuit Race is up next. I hear there is a hill involved. I like hills. Later.

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