Thursday, January 24, 2008

shaken, but not epic......

i think i have shaken the funk, but i have no 2007 epic recap post for fear it may bring back the funk.

so, you get the cliff notes recap:

  • Cycling Mileage = 2151 miles.

  • Running Mileage = 801

  • Trainer Time = 5 hours 38 minutes

  • Knocked out 12K feet of Climbing and 130 miles at the HHH in June

  • Knocked out a fast for me wind aided 160 miles at RAIN in July

  • Spent 224 either cycling or running.

  • Achieved a fitness level I have never seen before.

  • Got hurt.

i think that about does it for 07. oh wait, there was that little running thing i did in October. yes, i successfully trained for, ran, and completed the Chicago Marathon in what i have been told were extremely difficult conditions for such an event.

that last one gives me a lot good vibes. it was a tough road as i put family, friends, and cycling on a the back burner for most of the summer. i could not have done it without the support of my family and friends and thank you so very much. another is not likely in my near future, but what is near?

the plans for 2008 are this:


the leg is feeling 90% better and it is time to get back on the bike, er, trainer.

i am still obsessing this basement finishing and movie theater project. it is what i do. go full tilt. it is coming along nicely. peace out. later.

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